This summer we are rolling out the red carpet (literally!) to welcome you to church.
No Pre Registration Required!   WELCOME HOME OASIS CITY!
We know that the lifting of restrictions generates excitement for some, and nervousness for others.  Our goal is to move forward in love and honour for our entire church family, and to do it well.  Our kids ministry time is back as well!  For the summer our kids services are in person only.  We will worship with our parents for the first few songs and then be released.  Our older classes will have their class outside, weather permitting.   See you Sunday!
  Let's allow space for those who desire it.  Mask if you wish. Don't if you don't.  Above all else, cover your neighbour with love and understanding!  Let's come to church prepared to have one thing on our lips: the wonderful name of Jesus and His great love for us!  In a world filled with noisy opinions,  personal preferences, and differing experiences, let's continue to honour Jesus and His church with integrity.