Oasis City Kids

We believe that every child is important. We were created in the image of God, and designed with great purposes and plans.  This purpose is not saved until we get old enough, but an exciting life lived with Jesus, regardless of age.  We are passionate about modelling and teaching about the Abundant life Christ has for us. God wants us to have fun.  He wants us to love Him, and he wants to empower us to become great, effective followers of Jesus.
Our mission of Disciples making Disciples is not limited to adult, proper church functions, but includes children and all of life.

Thursday- Oasis City Kids Club
K-G3 & G4,5,6

Kids Club celebrates 35+ years of Dodgeball and Jesus!  We have an army of youth and adults who want to spend time with your kids.  They have their own kid and teen led worship time, teaching about Jesus and his love for us, games and sports, snack time, and more!

Thursday Bus Schedule

Maple Bay Elementary  5:28 - 8:05
Lakes Road 5:38 - 7:52
Thrifty’s 5:46 - 7:44
Drinkwater Elementary 5:53 - 7:37
Duncan Curling Club 5:55 - 7:35
Mt. Prevost 5:58 - 7:32
3540 Auchinachie Road 6:00 - 7:30

Sunday - Oasis City Kids
Age 2-G5

Our Sunday School program runs during the teaching portion of our 10:30 am Sunday morning Meeting.   When you come into the building on Sunday mornings, there will be a Host at the Check-In Center to your right.  They will sign your kids, aged 2-Grade 5, in for Sunday School.  Kids stay in church with their families for the singing and announcements portion, and at about 11:15 will be released to their classroom for their own teaching time.  They will learn Bible stories, sing, do crafts, act out the stories, and engage in other fun learning activities. After the service, the grade 1-5 classes will come to you.  For younger children, ages 2-Kindergarden, the kids will wait to be picked up by parents.

Sunday- Moms Room 

We also have a Nursing Moms room available during service where nursing moms can listen to the teaching while attending to the needs of their babies.

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